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  • to make music your life
  • to combine the best musical and academic education available without any tuition fees for EU citizens
  • to become a professional musician with the benefit of tuition from the country’s most outstanding music teachers and performers
  • to prepare for admission to the Estonian Music & Theatre Academy

Come to Tallinn Music High School!

Tallinn Music High School is the only school in Estonia providing professional music education alongside the general primary and secondary curriculum. This system ensures the school-leaver the possibility of a career in music or in any other field. More than 90% of TMHS graduates continue their studies in higher music education establishments.

TMHS music teachers include practising performers, music theorists, composers and conductors. As a great number of them are themselves former TMHS students, they are familiar with special ethos of the school. Among the staff we are proud to number 38 senior teachers and 23 teachers qualified to teach at university level; no fewer than 27 professors from the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy also tutor students in TMHS.

Most of Estonia’s better-known musicians of the middle and younger generations are alumnae of TMHS, including Peep Lassmann, Kalle Randalu, JuhanTralla, Tõnu Kaljuste, Anu Tali, Olari Elts, Risto Joost, Helena Tulve, René Eespere, Lepo Sumera, Rein Rannap and Mihkel Mattisen. Among the schools former students there are also celebrities from other fields.

Peep Lassmann, rector of EMTA, pianist: There shouldn’t be any difference whether one studies in TMHS or the Music Academy. It should be part of a continuous trajectory leading to the birth of a great artist.

René Eespere, professor of EMTA, composer: This school (TMHS) has given me everything; it has formed me into the person I now am.

Risto Joost, conductor of TMHS Symphony Orchestra, singer: This school is special because of its atmosphere, and the education provided is of a high quality.

Anu Tali, conductor: Here I could love music openly and be proud of it.

Kadri Tali, music producer: For me TMHS was a lifestyle. Here I made friends amongst whom I still live and work today. Here I learned to understand and love the slightly vulnerable soul of the musician.

Timo Steiner, Headmaster of TMHS, composer: I like TMHS first and foremost because through their hard work and their effort, students learn the musician’s trade. The school has managed to retain some of the romance of the Medieval relationship between master and apprentice. We who make this school are truly convinced that music is a direct path to something that cannot be described in words or pictures. To get there requires inspiration, passion and wisdom. As teachers we’re happy to share all this with our students.

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We develop educated, highly trained, creative musicians in an inspiring and supportive study enviroment.

We do our otmost to ensure that all our students develop the skills that will enable them to compete successfully at international level.