Entrance and documents

Last modified: 12.09.2013
  • For entry to year 1 a potential pupil is expected to sing a song of his or her choice. In addition to this, simple tests are given to assess the child’s musical memory and his/her sense of rhythm and harmony. The instrument to be learned will be decided according to the test results, taking into account the preference of the pupil and his/her family.
  • Entry to years 2 to 10 is by audition. The applicant’s ability on his/her main instrument is assessed, as is his/her knowledge of music theory and, where the piano is not the applicant’s main instrument, his/her keyboard skills.
  • If a student wishes to start learning a wind instrument, the formal audition is replaced with an interview.

Students who have not previously attended an Estonian school are required to pass an Estonian language test. If unsuccessful they may reapply for admission through the normal entrance examination procedure at a later date.