ENKOR Competition, Tanel-Eiko Novikov I koht!

Rahvusvahelisel konkursil “ENKOR Competition” saavutas Tanel-Eiko Novikov, õp Kristjan Mäeots,
km Meeli Ots kuni 18-aastaste löökpillimängijate hulgas esikoha, saades 100 võimalikust 94,64 punkti.
Tegemist on kõrgetasemelise lindikonkursiga, mida korraldatakse erinevatele pilligruppidele kahes vanusegrupis (kuni 18-aastased ja kuni 25-aastased mängijad).Grand Prix võidust jäi Tanel-Eikot lahutama üks punkt. Grand Prix tiitli võitis Poola löökpillimängija.

Konkursi kohta lähemalt:


Allpool väljavõtted zürii tagasisidest, züriis olid doktorikraadiga löökpillimängijad USA ülikoolidest:

Mr. Novikov demonstrates a good technical and musical background. I appreciated the selection of repertoire and his work with the accompanist. His performance of the Khachaturian concerto spotlighted his knowledge of phrasing and shaping. While it is required, I would have liked to see his technical ability on 4-mallets. Overall, great performance.

Dr. Dave Gerhart

Very impressive. Your velocity is quite spectacular on the Cangelosi. The energy is great and you are really very accurate for playing at such a high rate of speed. I also appreciate your physical approach to the instrument, your glissandos are visually engaging, and you move around the keyboard very comfortably considering the speed. Your technique looks very solid, generating the stroke from the wrist, and keeping yourself low to the keys. Great Job. On the concerto, I really appreciated the quality and consistency of your rolls, they were crisp and energetic. Great note accuracy on another very difficult piece of music. I like when you moved to the marimba and carefully phrased the long tones by implementing short breaks and then re-attacked the roll. That is a nice piece of detailing. I also appreciated the different mallet choices for coloristic changes. As you continue to grow, there are a few spots where I would think of a more legato feel, and then drive into new phrases with slight crescendos. Just think about gliding across the instrument, let the instrument do the work for you. You are a wonderful talent, good luck!

Rob Sanderl
Really wonderful! I was captivated by both performances. My only issue was with the sound of the marimba and the xylophone, but I am assuming that these instruments were the best available to the performer and as such I looked past the sound quality and was amazed at his virtuosity for both the Cangelosi and the Khachaturian. Bravo!

Andrew Proctor
Some excellent work!

Tracy Wiggins
Cangelosi: Very nice! I wonder if the tone quality might have been better on a rosewood instrument? Khachaturian: Very accurate and musical. Doubles generally worked very well. Overall, I might have appreciated the opportunity to see/hear some 4 mallet playing too.

Ronald Horner

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